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Miyamotoo said:
gtotheunit91 said:
As much as I trust Retro to create an incredibly polished and fun game, I hope that this is NOT true! I highly doubt they would be so secretive over the past 4 years for a StarFox racing game.....If true, I'd rather they create a base StarFox game to get that series back on track, but a racing game? I'd rather take F-Zero!!!!

Retro is probably one of most secretive team in industry, like that isnt enugh, team that works for Nintendo.


TH3-D0S3R said:
No way in hell this is real. Why make a spin-off to a game that did not perform well on Wii U when you already have a dedicated futuristic racing IP in F-Zero.

I'm expecting that this leak is so fake that we are going to end up getting F-Zero from Retro instead of this BS.

Star Fox Zero wasnt good game, that doent mean that next game want be good or that will perform same. F-Zero also was never strong IP.


HyrulianScrolls said:

This just doesn't make much sense. Why not do an F-Zero game if they wanted to make a racer with a futuristic/sci-fi setting? Or why not do a proper reboot of Star Fox and do for it what they did for Metroid with Prime if they wanted to make a Star Fox game? And most of all, why on earth would it have taken them all these years just to make a Kart game? None of this adds up to me, so I can only hope this is fake.

Nothing tells us its cart game, and it sounds that game is quite big.

I'm talking on the fact that Star Fox Zero bombed hard for Wii U exclusive standards. I just cant comprehend why they would go right back to an IP that severely underperformed on a disappointing system where nearly every Nintendo exclusive sold well on. I think if they wanted to rework the Star Fox franchise this would be the exact way to do it (because let's be honest, Star Fox's system of a $60 game for a 3 hour on rail shooter is sorta outdated in today's modern gaming landscape). However, Star Fox (minus Star Fox 64) has performed relatively equal to F-Zero. I just think it would be better to revisit a franchise that hasn't seen the daylight for 15 years than to rework a franchise that is seemingly dying as compared to its peak.

Again, if this is real, I trust Retro to make it work, it's just not what I wanted and I don't think it's likely. Until this is shown off in the E3 Direct, I have no reason to believe this is real.