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SecondWar said:
FattyDingDong said:

As an Xbox gamer I finally decided to buy a PS4 Pro and got the God of War bundle  and let me say I was truly amazed at how polished the game is in every respect..  I had never witnessed this much detail in a video game since I played Red Dead Redemption when that first came out.   The graphics are amazing, the story is engaging , the voice acting is splendid, the gameplay mechanics above all is outstanding.  And perhaps I will get a lot of hate for saying this but i truly this game is the best Sony exclusive on the PS4 and yes even better than Uncharted 4 (which i had played at my friend's house).  I am not exageratting when I saw how polished this game is,   as a person who dislikes hack and slash games this game kept me engaged the whole time.  It is truly a masterpiece .

What are your first impressions of the game? 

Just like you, I was an Xbox gamer who decided to pick up a PS4 for this game. I have not been disappointed either, and I struggle to see it as a hack and slash as it seems to be more than that (even if that is what it is in principle). 

ive still not quite finished it but yes, so far at least it tops any game I've played in the current generation of consoles. Probably only Breath of the Wilds comes close.

Great ti hear stories like thisNobody should miss out on this masterpiece if they like the genre. Speaking of which it's a beautiful hybrid between hack and slash and action rpg imo. fy