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John2290 said:
BraLoD said:

You mean Sony own flagship games, which it's not.

Some of you guys are having some really wishful thinking about the sales of this game. Get a look and how many exclusives sold over 5M on the PS4 that are not first party games. Zero.

Yeah, A lot of people on here are equating Marvels movie success to this game. I think Sony are too and they'd be right in part, it'll have an effect for sure but only a cross over effect of Spiderman fans that already own a PS4. I'd reckon the meat of the sales of the games will be PS4 players who don't give a shit either way and just want a good game. If it see critic acclaim and I'm sure it will it'll see good sales, probably beat that 5 million number too but as some people are saying, 8..10..15 million...not a fucking chance.

I love Spidey as much as the next guy, if the game is amazing I hope it sells extremely well, but will it reach 10M? Oh boy, for sure it'll not.

Really don't see where it's coming from.