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LethalP said:
IkePoR said:

Whether it passes the lifetime sales of GoW 3 or not isn't the point.  It was you invalidating the method of tracking the game by pointing at Horizon, which is absurd thinking, let alone method, as others have pointed out.  As I've said before, games have tendencies to drop in sales suddenly, which again would be more evidence against... your feelings?  Oh, your common sense.  I suppose the myriad of folks disagreeing with you have no common sense then?

Whatever then. Just a question, what do you think GoW will sell and why? Just that sometimes arguing on a forum you loose focus of the conversation, so lets get to the point.

Before we had numbers.... I thought GoW "might" do 10m.... that was when we heard pre-orders wherent doing so good.

Then critics review it and its in the 95-94 range, and we get the "Over 3.1m in 3days, sold though" report.
Ontop of japan/UK numbers that show it only dropped like ~35% in its 2nd week.

God of War is going to be massive... Im thinking it "could" do upwards of like 15m, depending on how Sony handle bundleing and stuff down the line. A 199$ PS4 slim bundled with God of War come christmas, should put in alot of work.

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