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-When fans hated the Xbox One always online and used game policy they got rid of it before launch.

I wouldn't attribute that to a situation where Microsoft listened. They got a lot of negative feedback from fans who had concerns with it. Some of which are in the armed service and liked to play Halo in their spare time, but won't have an internet connection. Dom Matrick's response was "Get a 360".

It wasn't until pre-order numbers for PS4 running circles around XBO went viral them that an MS excec put the hammer down and got rid of it.
So it was more a forced decision to survive rather than listening, imo.

Adding some more to this:

Sony listening:

In 2014 they had players vote for games they wanted localized on the Playstation Store in the west in something called "Building The List".
Yakuza 5 and Suikoden 2 were two of the games that got the highest amount of votes. I forget what the other game was, but this was a really nice thing to do and I hope they do it again. https://www.polygon.com/2014/12/6/7345297/yakuza-5-is-coming-to-ps4-in-north-america-and-europe

Nintendo listening:

Gamecube controller support for WiiU in correlation to the Smash 4 release.

Nintendo not listening:

Not including a charger with 3DS in many parts of the world. That's just stupid.

As for which company listens to the fans best, that's hard for me to determine. Pokemon fans enjoy playing virtually the same game over and over again for decades. And FIFA/Madden fans like so. And the console manufacturers push these games every year.
But from my own perspective, because of some of Nintendo's decisions I haven't had a Nintendo home console since N64. (I got 3DS though.) Switch is looking much better though so I might very well pick one up later when it has more games I want.
What I mainly loved about Nintendo's consoles aside from their own games was the incredibly strong third party support they had. That went over to Playstation instead, and they continue making consoles that attract third parties. (Aside from Cell being difficult to program for.)

As for Microsoft, I think I can easily rule them out because their sales numbers suggest that a lot of their fans from the 360 era are not getting what they want. Although I do think MS gives their current core base most of what they want, aside from some big AAA exclusives in the last few years.

I could argue that many Xbox fans in the 360 era were just PS2 fans. When Sony started doing things right, they just went back home.


I have no evidence to back this up, though. It's just crazy that a console brand would go from 20 million to 80 million and then back to whatever the Xbox number is now.

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