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Vinther1991 said:
John2290 said:

Huh? They basically copy/pasted the plans for the system from forums and rumors. Even if they done it on the sly, it's still listening to what fans wanted.

There might have been some that were asking for something like the Switch, but the vast majority wanted Nintendo to make a powerhouse console that could attract third parties.

Hmm, It would be hard to judge but I remember as far back as the wiiU's release that gamers on forums were asking for a WiiU that actually held true to the idea, aka a switch like console. Maybe the majority were asking for a power house but the core audience were asking for a switch like console and whether Nintendo slyly took the idea or not they surely listened because there is no way in hell they managed to design the Switch perfectly as described by rumors and dedicated fans. Fans practically drew the initial plans for that console and Nintendo delivered. As much as I have problems with the Nintendo in some aspects and the switch itself I can surely hand it to them that they got what the core fans wanted, perfectly to the letter.