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LethalP said:
IkePoR said:

The evidence against it is the series past sales, something I pointed out already.  God of War PS4 is a part of the God of War franchise, not the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise.  Their sales are completely and totally separate of each other.  Your evidence is not even evidence, it's a comparison.  

But it's literally a few weeks from passing the lifetime sales of GoW 3, the previous best seller in the series. So then using past games as any indication would be stupid. You seem to have it in your head that Horizon is a bigger franchise than GoW and that it will have better legs. It won't, not because I see the future, but because I have some common sense. GoW has already shown beyond doubt that it will be more successful than Horizon. In literally every single way.

There's an extremely thin chance I'm wrong though, so you can choose to hang on to that if you like.

Whether it passes the lifetime sales of GoW 3 or not isn't the point.  It was you invalidating the method of tracking the game by pointing at Horizon, which is absurd thinking, let alone method, as others have pointed out.  As I've said before, games have tendencies to drop in sales suddenly, which again would be more evidence against... your feelings?  Oh, your common sense.  I suppose the myriad of folks disagreeing with you have no common sense then?

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