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pokoko said:
Well, most of the usual soldiers have answered the call to battle. I expect this skirmish to last several pages.

On topic, it will never not floor me how Nintendo surrendered a near monopoly over the industry. Has there ever been a documentary about that? Though I suppose it could be argued that Playstation helped expand the industry, so perhaps Nintendo's loss isn't as great as it looks in black and white.

I like that the Wii and PS2 were both beasts but in different ways.

Most of the usual soldiers? The only person who posted in May before you that can be described that way is Lawlight. If you disagree, name names.

Nintendo never had a near monopoly over the industry, because the landscape in the 1980s was very different. Not only were there more console manufacturers than there are today, but home computers also weren't limited to what is known as a PC today. There were multiple companies who produced their own brand of home computers. If you tallied up the console sales of Sega, Atari, NEC (TG-16) etc. and home computer sales, Nintendo's market share wouldn't be near monopoly at any point. Sega alone sold 10m+ Master Systems (launch in 1986) and 10m Game Gears (1990) while the Genesis/Mega Drive that sold 30m debuted in 1988.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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