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Signalstar said: 



-Voice acting in Breath of the Wild.

-Unified Online Account

-Added a second analog stick to New 3DS

-Fan feedback for Smash Character

Did Not Listen:

-Sill no Pokemon MMO (Pokemon Go) or Full 3D mainline console Pokemon (Until Switch version hopefully)

-Metroid Prime Federation Force

-Still no trophy or achievement system

-Ignoring Virtual Console

theres a difference between 'not listening to fans' and just having questionable actions. GameFreak, which operates independently from Nintendo, has come outright and said why a Pokemon MMO would be a financial nightmare if they ever attempted it, and explained why a home console pokemon game would not work with the main series due to the lack of local play, hence why the Switch will be the first. as for Federation Force, it was really on them for delivering a sub-par spinoff in the middle of a series drought without news of Metroid Prime 4 first. im telling you, if the two were announced at the same time, people would have been more open to it.

some better alternatives i would suggest could be "continued lack of online support in their AAA games" or even "ignoring several popular franchises for over a decade" and how about "refusing to meet demand for classic edition consoles"