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Naum said:
So what happened to all the millions upon millions that the UK paid EU each year that was supposed to go the the NHS(remember the bus?).. thats right a big fat lie.. oh by the way the UK got more money back from the EU then they payed.

Now who is lying?  Don't be so ridiculous.  

The bus things was a silly thing to do and inaccurate.... the UK actually make a contribution of £199m per week.  However,  I think the intention was to say that some of the £199m per week that the UK pay to the EU may be better spent on things like the NHS.  

I voted remain, but both sides ran a shoddy campaign full of lies, scare tactics and stupidity.

The UK will be fine in the EU and we will be fine out of it.  To think otherwise is naïve bullshit.  The world keeps turning and big business has far more influence than people like to admit and  certainly far more than scum bags like Junker.  For example, BMW and Mercedes in particular want a deal!   Outside of Germany the UK is by far the biggest market for BMW's in Europe.




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