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I can't wait for the actual numbers to come out... NPD will report a surprisingly strong December for 360 in the US (as everything points to so far), Vgcharts will report about 110% of that for their NA estimate, as they have consistently done, and then what are you going to do, Monty? I've stopped following the thread when you stopped even responding to me Monty, but as far as I can tell, you don't have much to say about Vgcharts Nov05-Nov06 NA estimates, without making assumptions (some of them rather grand) about Mexican sales. If Vgcharts just does what they've always done, I think your argument is shot Monty. Very much looking forward to tomorrow...

"[Our former customers] are unable to find software which they WANT to play."
"The way to solve this problem lies in how to communicate what kind of games [they CAN play]."

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President. Only slightly paraphrased.