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Arminillo said:
TranceformerFX said:

The interview starts with this, in which Corey Barlog (God of War director) is the interviewee.

Keep in mind this is the FIRST question...


"Playing the game, I kept thinking of the ongoing conversation about how we raise sons to not be utter garbage humans. How do we not intentionally or inadvertently teach them toxic masculine behavior? I’m curious, what conversations were you having in the office while you were putting together this story and the relationship between Kratos and Atreus?"

Keep in mind that is the only question? It's actually starting to make me sick that everyone is coming to conclusions without reading the excerpt, so here it is:

I love how you glossed over/ignored the fact that Polygon asked a loaded question. Clearly you're not savy with journalism. This was a puff piece, plain and simple. Toxic masculinity isn't anymore of a problem than toxic feminism. Now, if the question went more along the lines of:

"Playing the game, I can't help but think of the ongoing climate change in how parents guide their children. Whether it be negatively or positively, and how we can can teach them to avoid certain behavior that society deems unacceptable now. Im curious if the political topics that this country is facing factored into designing the relationship between Kratos & Atreus. And if so, did those result in office discussions?"


That would be an example of honest journalism, because that leaves Corey Barlog to make the connection to "toxic masculinity" if that was ACTUALLY his belief instead of the journalists belief. Instead, "Toxic Masculinity" is already assumed before the interview even starts, resulting in an echo chamber of conversations without gauging Corey Barlogs actual opinions.


This interview is not only blatantly scripted, but also conducted with the purpose of signaling one's political virtues. I'm glad Corey Barlog rose his SJW flag to let everyone know that he supports first wave totalitarianism.