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DonFerrari said:
All you written is totally arguable as taste, so I won't dismiss on it, but also can't be taken as fact.

About combat, it was a lot easier to finish (killing bosses included) on the highest difficult on GoW (I have all plats possible, except for replat GoW3 on PS4, there I still need to do some challenges) than to finish UC on Crushing (and UC1 was a nightmare on it, with UC4 in one section if you fail and don't choose restart encounter you'll be stuck at a hell point also another hellish nightmare on the corridor with traps).

What does difficulty have to do with the combat depth? God of War games have deeper mechanics and my point was on the harder difficulties you have to do the full extent of moves of Kratos and only there you realise the depth of its mechanics. Uncharted plays the same on lower and higher difficulties just has more damage sponges.

Serious_frusting said:
CGI-Quality said:
The two can coexist. Why put one studio down over the other when both have proven track records? Why not celebrate the idea that multiple studios from SIE are producing such quality software?

I don’t see the need for a topic like this.

Pretty much this. 

That isn't my point. My point is SSM are more talented and were always more talented than Naughty Dog. Not that Naughty Dog can't exist, I still like their games and have respect for them.

bananaking21 said:
SSM need to do a new IP with this quality before I could say they are better than ND.

However both are among the best studios in the world without a doubt

God of War is a new IP for all purposes. Take the name away and it is more different to previous God of War games than TLOU is to Uncharted.

God of War on PS2 was SSM's 2nd IP, their first game was a racing game called Kinetica. I haven't played Jak and Daxter series but have played all other Naughty Dog games. Crash must be amazing for the 90's I'll give them that though I played the N Sane trilogy.