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VGPolyglot said:
John2290 said:

Women will never say it but they WILL show it and I don't mean in the public sense, lol, for all to see declaring it vocally. You don't need to be hooking up to see it either, Just take a bit more notice when around women and watch how their behaviour changes when around good looking men, it's plainly obvious even if they won't admit it until they've shown it to you. 

I fear you may be a bit sheltered from women in reality however and are relying on media. Those women make up such a miniscule ammount of the population, albeit a very loud portion that it's completely disconnected from reality. You'd have more parity with reality watching 'reality tv' like jordey shore than you would listening to the media.

I think it's you who are simplifying women to be honest, they are human just like us and thus have all sorts of desires, ambitions, etc.

I didn't say they didn't. Way to put words in my mouth. I'm  not simplifying anyone I just pointing out the reality that is plainly obvious. You speak like we are all robots and we live in a world where everyone must interface on some paired level, the fuck like? too much internet perhaps. Try tinder or some shit and meet real people. 


Everything in the above reply is my opinion, from my own perspective and not representative of reality outside of my own head!

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