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John2290 said:
VGPolyglot said:

Well, I don't just view women as games in which I'll eventually have sex with them though, there  are many things that are more important to me than having sex, I'm not a party person and I don't drink anyway though.

Well arent you the right saint. Regardless, if that is your attitude I hope you can wheather the misery it'll bring to you and those around you. You can't do anything good for people or the world around you if you don't take care of yourself first. Mental castrating yourself yourself is a fucked up way to respect women and fact is, you may not see it and women don't show it but they want to be game, regardless if you play or not. Chasing women isn't going to hurt anyone for fuck sake...I mean ...ah im so confused here, I'm pretty sure you're just afraid and making excuses. Perhaps this thread is a cry for help because you certainly seem npt to have a male friend to push you on or if you do they are doing a piss poor job.

However, your life, your health and your mental state. I'll say no more besides you're batshit in not chasing women.

Are you sure that's the case? Like I think we'd need the voices of some actual women here to see if that's true.