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Absolutely adore Skyrim, dread to think how many hundreds of hours I've put into it. Mods, VR, different versions. I seem to need a first person viewpoint to feel immersed in game worlds and love the many options and large area to explore. Didn't like Morrowind or Oblivion to be honest lost interest pretty quickly. Love the Fallout games and Skyrim is the only Elder Scrolls game I can say I have liked. Certainly prefer it to Zelda Breath of the Wild which I play more occasionally but still love. PS3 version is a struggle to go back to though with its choppy frame rate and occasional long pauses. Guess I played most at the beginning on Xbox 360 but had ps3 too, then PC using a 3D driver to my 3D tv, then I tried the PS4 version before then getting the PSVR version. I guess you can say I like the game. I also played it a bit on an intel atom tablet with very low detail for portable gaming. It didn't really suit being portable as Skyrim sucks up so much time and portable gaming experience for me are better short and sweet as I might only be able to play for 10-20 minutes each session. Also the small tablet screen destroyed the immersion into the game world the complete opposite of a VR experience for example.