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thismeintiel said:
EricHiggin said: 

MS also has the money to allow XB to basically buy the entire console gaming market outright if they want, directly, or indirectly. Yet they haven't, and why not, if console gaming is so darn important to them?

It doesn't really matter how much money MS has, they can't just buy marketshare.  They have proved this over and over again.  Usually getting into markets way too late, then throwing a bunch of money at their product, only to barely gain marketshare.  Sometimes they still stay in.  Others they just retreat.  It's why shareholders have been very vocal about them sticking to what they know and only expanding when it makes sense.

Guess it depends on how much money XB is truly spending and how hard is XB really trying though? It may be no different then meddling in other countries elections. Nobody is there to physically take over, their just trying to get their way without actually having to do all the work. Maybe XB just doesn't get it, and maybe their just not trying because that's good enough.

The Canadian National Anthem According To Justin Trudeau


Oh planet Earth! The home of native lands, 
True social law, in all of us demand.
With cattle farts, we view sea rise,
Our North sinking slowly.
From far and snide, oh planet Earth, 
Our healthcare is yours free!
Science save our land, harnessing the breeze,
Oh planet Earth, smoke weed and ferment yeast.
Oh planet Earth, ell gee bee queue and tee.