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LudicrousSpeed said:

Marketing, sure. PS4 has a giant lead so it makes sense that companies would be signing with Sony, it would cost MS a ton of money to outbid them for those games. But third party software? That hasn’t slowed down for Xbone. It’s the same as it was for the most part last gen, PlayStation gets the de facto standard Japanese stuff that is mostly niche, Xbox gets everything else. I mean, what has Xbone missed this gen? Some JRPGs. You make it sound as if Bethesda or something has stopped making Xbone games. 

Third party has pretty much saved both consoles imho. Just from a personal standpoint.

COKTOE said:

It's missed more than some RPG's. Sure, a majority of these games are smaller titles, but just in my own collection, there are games that aren't RPG's. EDF 4.1 for example. That whole series appears to be moving forward as PS4 console exclusives now, with EDF 5 and Iron Rain seemingly having no future on Xbox. I'm sure somebody with more energy than me could site more games from other genres. Xbox third party support is really good though. There's no denying that.

Japanese style games most certainly don't have the same presence on XB1 as the 360 did. I'm not saying XB1 third party is non existent or sucks, I'm just saying based on the growth the 360 had, the XB1 has at least stagnated, whether it be niche or not. You can say niche is useless and meaningless, but the truth is it's not. Every penny and every game/genre counts if you want to be on top.

When you see XB cancelling titles like Scalebound, which would have been an exclusive, but through a Japanese third party, it clearly shows the lack of interest XB has in overall diversity, and certain regions, which doesn't make it a surprise that they haven't been given as much overall third party support. I do agree without third party this gen, neither console would be doing near as well as it is, but XB1 most certainly would be in much worse shape without those third parties.

When you also see studios like Bungie, through Activision, favoring PS4 right from the start with Destiny and timed exclusivity, it has to make you wonder if that was solely money and marketing or did it have to do with XB and MS as a company in general? XB has lost some trust in the console community, and not just the customers, and your seeing the outcome of it in different ways through third party.

The fact that XB complained about PS locking up third party games or their DLC, only to then lock up PUBG on XB, and having it overtaken by Fortnite, mostly on PS, and the fact that now XB is constantly complaining that PS won't allow cross play on Fortnite, yet XB seems to be in no rush whatsoever to get PUBG on PS4, just screams that XB is not the uber friendly gamer oriented company they make themselves out to be. Insomniac and Sunset Overdrive, and now Spiderman on PS4, is another decent example. It's not hard to see why third party support isn't near as strong as it could be on XB1.

I'm legitimately baffled as to why you quoted me.

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