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SvennoJ said:
I bought the game at release for full price hoping for a VR patch. It took a while, yet wow, it smashed all my expectations. Right from the start it's fully transformed for VR, no need to switch to a VR mode or anything. 3D menus all tailored to the headset, and simply everything is available in VR.

First I turned off all the comfort options, internal view, lock camera to pilot and disable any view restrictions. It's amazing and so much better when you can look to where you are going. It makes the game a lot easier as well. Everything looks great, from the cockpit to the people cheering along the track. This is how I have always wanted to play Wipeout. 3 Campaigns to complete as well, this is going to be fun for a long time!

Beware it's definitely an 'advanced' VR title and the game kept turning comfort options back on the first time I played certain tracks or entered zone mode, with a motion sickness warning. Luckily I had no problems with that in the 2 hours with the game.

I played GT Sport VR before turning on Wipeout. F1500 GT on the Nurburgring, exciting, yet Wipeout is so much better and looks better too. (Environment, cars look better in GT Sport of course) I don't think I'll play the VR time trial mode much in GT Sport, Wipeout I'll be playing a lot.

I knew you'd like it. Honestly though, GT sport has a long way to go to get the VR content any where near this. I'm hoping Xdev have some trick that they can share with Polyphony that can make it into a race experience with at least a 6 man grid and some online multiplayer, even 1v1 multiplayer for the time being would be a godsend. Thing is Polphony are a bunch with series OCD in their development process and this holds them back from being able to optimize the experience in the same way. They care more about the interior of the cars than the track ahead and the racing. :(


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