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StreaK said:
I love seeing my good ol WipEout receiving such praise!!! It was ALWAYS great even without VR. The intense feeling of WipEout is pretty much incomparable to anything else out there. It's the WipEout feels!!!

I can only imagine what VR would do to this experience. I always figured that WipEout was made for VR, so yeah....it's probably better than ever now! I seriously gotta try this, at any cost!

It's crazy cool indeed, I'm a long time Wipeout fan and this has elevated the gameplay to such a degree that it makes other singleplayer focused, arcade racers look like crap. The Multiplayer is still a little on the limited side, progression wise imo but if it's your thing, now is the time while those servers are hot and ready. Delete your save and start over in VR, like many are saying, it is a dream come true.


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