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Nope not prude at all, nudity is totally natural, it's clothes that are the artificial thing. The problem is that nudity has become a crime and something is very wrong there.
I don't know why society has made nudity a crime and to really make things illogical, some parts of the body are fine in the nude. You can see people's legs, feet, arms, chest (for men) etc but not genitals as if those were not as much part of the body as the rest.

My theory is that religion is the origin of this illogical behavior and while religion has seriously receded in the west, the notion that nudity is sinful or evil or not appropriate for humans has remained as a residual belief.


In the afterlife if I get to be all powerful and mighty, I will torture and torment all humans to the end of time in the most evil and cruel way possible. In the meantime let's have a nice friendly time in the forum