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Regardless if you have VR or not find a way to play Wipeout VR, this is something every core gamer should experience.

I'm not the only one who is impressed by this either. I just went to tweet my thanks at Xdev and they have been raking in the praise the past two days.

Tweets with replies by Sony XDev Europe (@SonyXDevEurope) | Twitter

Reddit has been taken over by Wipeout for the week with nothing but praise and excitement. 

PlayStation VR (PS VR)

Newbies to VR are reporting no motion sickness with default settings and for those of us who have our "VR legs" or don't get motion sick, turning off the blinders and setting the camera to the pilot in this game is a dream come true, even with the limitations of current VR this feels as if you are flying a ship in wipeout and turns the game into something greater than it was traditionally.The graphics are held up better than on TV, everything is smooth, crisp and the FPS is solid even at phantom speeds. 

It's the most Fun, with a capital F, I've had in gaming in years. If you can afford the new PSVR camera bundle price and this game along with it, what are you waiting for. Do it now, jump in. This is the peak of immersion and things are only getting better, week by week.

Digital foundry praised the port. As zero compromise.

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