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SuperRetroTurbo said:

Sorry for the late response but I'm in complete shock right now....because you're right it's gone! 

I honestly can not believe this. It was ringing a high pitched sound for 6 days staight non stop...until last night the ring stopped but there was still a consrant sound of exactly a flash bang going off but I noticed a major difference. I had to get sleep because it kept me up for the week. I just woke up around 200 pm and honestly didn't realize it the moment I woke up until I came to and the noise was gone!


I cried to be honest. Ive been up doing research...contributing to an online support group...reading horror stories that are just unimaginable...and I was trying to accept with dealing with this condition the rest of my life.

VG I feel your pain man. Your stance of acceptance and dealing with it are shared by many but there are people with extreme cases where the ringing is so loud in both ears they've contemplated suicide. And you can tell they're being genuine.

I am extremely lucky but also 95% sure of the cause. Which is ototoxicity from my meds. Ive ruled out the other 3 most reported causes being exposure to loud noise...infection...or tumor.

Im still going to follow up with an ENT (ear nose throat) to make sure theres no infection hiding. 


Thank you all for your support. I'm still in complete shock and my thoughts go out to those suffering because thats what it is...a form of torture. 


I think we need to bring awareness to the world honestly. There's little to no resource for tinnitus and obviously no cure. (The ringing is in my ear as I type this but its been like that before its because of the position Im in on my couch...) 

There are people suffering. VGP stay strong. Youll be in my thoughts. I hope one day yours alleviates. I mean that with every ounce of my soul.

Thanks. What I tend to do is have a fan running so that it's harder to notice, because the quieter it is the more noticeable it is.