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Barkley said:
kowenicki said:

Is it better for the business to say  "I sold 1m units" or "I have 2m monthly paying subscribers who played my game"?   No brainer.

Downplay ahoy!

How is it a "no brainer" there's many factors involved.

2m subscribing for one month is $20m. 1m purchasing the title at launch would be $60m. And let's not forget game pass gives you access to 150+ games so it can be said that not all that $20m is going to sea of thieves assuming they played any other title on the system that month.


There's a vast amount of information we don't have to make a "no brainer" assumption. How much of the gamepass revenue goes to third parties who put their games on the service for instance.

The fact is even if MS received 100% of the revenue, you can subscribe to game pass for $120 a year, so if MS release more than $120 of content that you would have bought at launch, 2 games basically, they're losing out on money, and that's assuming you have no breaks between subscription months also.

There is a bigger picture at play.  Its the future of gaming and its a certainty.  Games as a service akin to Netflix and Spotify is guaranteed.

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