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Turkish said:
thismeintiel said:
I think it's pretty crazy that PS4 has done so well while remaining $299 for almost two years. Imagine what will happen when it hits $199 permanently.


zorg1000 said:

The craziest part is that its only down ~8% YOY in Feb despite last year having a $50 discount.

I expect a cut to $199 this year, maybe around the time Spider Man comes out. That game, coupled with the official price cut, bundles and special edition consoles will do wonders.

I expect Spider Man and price cut to drop around September, then RDR2 will release end of October and PS4 will stay in pole position for the rest of the year.

For now PS4 is still winning without the heavy weights, but God of War is launching soon...

God of War and Spider-Man, alongside a price drop and smart marketing, could do wonders indeed if the games are well received. Critical reception and word of mouth are pretty big factors now.