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quickrick said:
Miyamotoo said:

April for Switch will probably be stronger than March because of Labo. No, if you look this February numbers you will see they are better than most Switch NPD months from last year. Switch didnt loosed evre NPD month last year also, is that means that Switch last year also were losing momentum!? Fact that Switch sold less than PS4 or XB1, doesnt mean it lossing momentum, Switch can continue momentum and to have good sales despite PS4/XB1 sold better.

its because February  is bigger then any other month except for november, and december. also something can look like its losing momentum, but it can be regained in minutes, just because switch looks like its losing momentum to some doesn't mean it can't be regained next month.

No in case of Nintendo February is not bigger than any other month except november and december, no it doesnt lossing momentum and this picturer proves that, only launch month, october, november and december were stronger than february.