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Miyamotoo said:
Alkibiádēs said:

How about you quote everything he said, including: 

"US NPD SW - Nintendo was February's leading publisher in software dollar sales, while Capcom remains the top-selling publisher of 2018."


"US NPD HW - Nintendo Switch remains on a record setting sales pace. Over the first twelve months in market, Nintendo Switch has achieved the highest installed base for a console platform in history."

Why would he do that when that dont fail in agenda that Switch is loosing momentum. :)


gcwy said: 

No one is claiming Nintendoomed. There is nothing wrong with Switch losing momentum. It would be completely normal. Nintendo will probably get it back with another major first party release like Pokemon. But for now, Switch does seem to be losing momentum. 

But thats a point, Switch is not loosing momentum, if you look this February numbers you will see they are better than most Switch NPD months from last year if we don't include launch and holiday months of course.



Lawlight said: 

You’re wrong. Consoles don’t usually sell better in their 5th year than a newer system. You’re also wrong in comparison the Switch to a PS console because PS systems have staggered launches unlike the Switch which had a simultaneous worldwide release. And comparison the PS3’s 5th year to any other system? The PS3 launched at $599. It wasn’t affordable until much later in its life cycle unlike the Switch which was affordable at launch.

Also, will you admit that the Switch hasn’t sold as well as you expected this year so far in the US?

No again you are wrong, you made comparison despite fact is that in most cases consoles dont have 1st year like peak year and that in most cases 2, 3 or 4th years are usualy peak years for consoles, in case of PS consoles, PS3 peaked in its 5. year on market while now PS4 will peaked in 4. or 5. year on market, so yeah, nothing strange that if PS console is selling better in its 4-5. year on market than Nintendo console in its 1st year on market, espacily for console thats on road to become 2nd best selling console ever. Price point dont change things too much, Wii U was launched at lower price point than PS4 but it failed miserably, Switch basicaly have same price point but its selling several times better than Wii U.

Why I would admit that when Switch sales are still quite good, it sold 550k in two slow months for Nintendo where Switch had only Bayonetta, but beacuse Amazon I did expect Switch will best selling console in February also like it was in January, but that still dont change fact that Switch still sold good in February in any case.

about the momentum thing, there will be slow months where switch will lose momentum like april,  while technically it lost momentum, but it really didnt cause april is just a slow month. in regards to staying ahead of ps4 average monthly numbers it lost momentum for the first time.