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fatslob-:O said:
Probably a useless idea since there's no good or authoritative indicator in terms of console hardware sales trends, Amazon is the only remotely good point of data but that's starting to change as time goes since Nintendo products are getting over represented so the data becomes less valuable ...

Having access to specific data from the biggest retailers such as GameStop or Walmart in a related industry could help a lot with predictions but even then it might only be good enough to represent a single market ...

What we need is to know is how the market is splitted between each retailers, what is their actual weight on their respective market. The OP's idea is not bad, but we won't be able to have accurate predictions if we can't have a better idea pf how many units Amazon sells compared to Gamestop, just to name those two.

For now, just like you said, we can only see the trends moving on their specifics branches.