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RolStoppable said:
quickrick said:

yea we had ultimategamer, and carl2291 saying ps4 sales are falling off a cliff, or its wheels are falling off. 

It's really not looking good for the PS4 though. The PS3's fifth February was bigger, and the PS3 wasn't a success.


Ok, gonna avoid getring sucked into whatever this is.

But just to point out something, after 7yrs on the market in NA (since thia is an NPD thread afterall) PS3 was at 29M.

At the PS4s fifth february (so in under 5yrs) the PS4 is at 25M. Yh, guess its really not looking good for the PS4 at all. 

The PS4 is on track to match PS one sales in NA (that took that console over 8yrs to hit) and will do it in aroind 7 to 8 years. There are only 4 consoles in history that has sold more than the PS1 in NA.......

And the PS4 is not even $199 yet. But yh...... its really not looking goos for the PS4.