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Final-Fan said:
OdinHades said:
There is only one nation on this planet that has ever used nuclear weapons to attack another nation and kill people. I would consider that nation to be the biggest threat to world peace.

If oversimplification helps you sleep at night, then go for it.  But dropping the bomb on two cities still caused fewer civilian casualties than an all-out invasion, even without considering the inevitable "human wave" tactics they'd have been dragooned into, and the little fact that large portions of the country were on the verge of starving to death. 

Well if we are going to be Honest, the US could have ignited those bombs offshore as a warning to gage reactions first, then if they "had to", drop bombs on military targets, but the reason that is cited by some back then is that the US wanted to see what a Atom bomb could do to a city full of people, in retrospect it was the World's worst war crime in modern history, but no one has ever been charged or investigated