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spurgeonryan said:

Unlike North Korea they continuously act out actual events that are terrible. The leader seems more insane than Trump and the guy in North Korea,  and they are implied in many other destructive acts. 

Or are they just worse at hiding their acts unlike America and China?


What should be done about this country that has been a loose cannon for a century?

Not much can be done. Russia like the USA owns a huge stockpile of nuclear devices of all kinds. On top of that they are developing a MOAB capable of destroying a territory the size of France or Texas with only one hit.

So at most Russia will get a slight slap on the hand if it doesn't behave, perhaps a few economic sanctions that won't change anything but nothing else can be done unless we wish to risk WW3.


In the afterlife if I get to be all powerful and mighty, I will torture and torment all humans to the end of time in the most evil and cruel way possible. In the meantime let's have a nice friendly time in the forum