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McDonaldsGuy said:
the-pi-guy said:

No one is planning for war with Russia. 

Just because they are a threat to Ukraine doesnt mean they are a threat to the US.  The US is in no danger from Russia.  


If I'm a threat to someone next to me, that doesn't mean I'm a threat to someone on the other side of the planet.  

BS. This is Iraq War 2.0 except 10 times worse.

AIPAC wants it's war with Russia and Syria and they will get it. As I said, Iraq War 2.0.

And the lies are even bigger. "The US is in no danger from Russia" then WHAT THE HELL IS THIS COLLUSION/RUSSIAN HACKING/MEDDLING BS ABOUT?

You know at the end of the Little Boy who cried Wolf, the wolf did come.  

Once again things change.  Just because your wife said she was fine yesterday, doesn't mean she is today.  Just because she said she isn't fine today, doesn't mean she lied yesterday.  Things change.  


None of your Obama quotes or Hillary Clinton quotes or anything else from 2012 disprove anything about Russia in 2018.  The only thing it might do is give us reason to question something, but it doesn't disprove anything about Russia.