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ArnoldRimmer said:
Final-Fan said:

At the power level of the USA, Russia, and some others, which one is "more powerful" has little to do with "likelihood of causing a massive war".  Did you really need me to tell you that? 

Every year or so, there is a worldwide poll asking the people which country they believe to be the biggest threat to world peace.

The US always comes first, usually by a huuuuge margin. In 2017, "Pew Research Center" did a similar poll, but they only asked people from 30 countries, that were almost exclusively close US allies, and they reduced the possible answers to China, Russia and the US. And yet, the US still came first...

The US is the most aggressive country, and also causes the most strife and instability in developing nations. Look at how badly the US has failed at handling things in South East Asia and West Asia.

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