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Volterra_90 said:
Minor update for you guys:

- Before posting the February numbers, I'd like to ask everyone who's willing to give this opinion about something I was thinking about how to add new data to this tread. And I thought it'd be interesting, from now on, to state if the third party games you bought are physical/digital so I can establish a ratio every month. This is an idea that crossed my mind, but it'd demand that you post, not just the game, but its origin (physical or digital). If you find this option attractive, just let me know so I can work with it. I'll also try to do some graphs from now on and post them for anyone who's interested, but those graphs will come with the March update. So, also, let me know in which variables would you like to include in these graphs.

- Also, be a bit patient with me, because I'm working on improving the way I manage data from now on to make things easier and more easy-going for me. I need some time to get used to manage this kind of data, so that could take some time. Also, when the numbers come in, let me know if I missed something or numbers are a bit wonky. I'd try hard to not make that happen, but as every human, we tend to fail at times.

- Keep posting your games, an update will come this week with last month's numbers. Just be sure to check them, this is a transition month, so it's harder to me to keep things correctly, but I'll do my best.

A physical/digital ratio would be quite cool if you ask me. Would be nice to know.

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