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Volterra_90 said:

So, I really want to discuss the film. The film is actually really worth a discussion, and because I don't know yet anybody who's seeing it, I keep my theory about the whole phenomena happening in here. I'll use spoiler tags just in case.

So, I think the phenomena surrounding the lighthouse goes this way. At one point in the film, we discover that what's going on is that everything (light, radio waves, even DNA) refracts in this area. The closer you are to the lighthouse, the more everything refracts. One of the most disturbing scenes in the movie shows how the voice of one of the characters mixed with the monster that kills her, mimicking even her voice. And, in the epicenter of all this phenomena, the "Annihilation" thing is capable of "total reflection". Making copies of everything that touches it. So... I think this has a physics parallelism, which is how light behaves going through a different surface. Light refracts, for example, in a glass of water, and everything we see through a glass of water is kind of messy and mixed (those will be the abnormalities of mixing a bear with a human voice for example). But light reflects in a mirror. Mimicking exactly which is in front of it. That'd be the lighthouse. 

So, the transition in the movie will be from refraction to reflection. I'm still grasping how it affects each character in a different way, because obviously the fact that every character is pretty flawed is not a coincidence. A second watch could clear that, I guess.

I imagined the inverse of if we landed on an alien world how with no malice we could upset the balance there.  The entity that landed seems to be terraforming and incorporating Earth and all the organisms into itself. From our perspective this is a hostile act of corruption or annihilation (!) but we have no idea how it sees this if it thinks in a way we can even perceive. I agree the use of glass, water, and plastic as a motif through the film plays on how perception can be warped when seen through a lens.  The entity may see our world as confusing and refracted and is "correcting" it to make sense of it.