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FromDK said:
First this is not hate.. just a movie lover that saw this topic.. and have to say some :)
I saw it today.. It blows my mind that this movie has a 7.4 rating at imdb..
worst film i have seen in years.. (and i mean that from the heart) my genre and nice trailer.. but I did not like anything about it.. so super bad imo
I whent on imdb right after.. and even rottentomatos (for the first time ever) and even soo the user review on the movies imdb page give it 4 stars and totaly nail why.. I can see that many people like it.. why?
Almost all things dosent make sense and are not explained.
But if you and other like it ok and nice you do :)

This is precisely why I like it.  If there were long drawn out exposition scenes that explained it all it would have dropped in my estimation.  If an alien organism landed on Earth it likely would be mysterious and confusing, like you explaining philosophy to a dog. It's whole nature being alien made it more interesting and engaging to me.  It does give a lot of information and have read and discussed all sorts of fascinating theories that have basis in what the film tells you.

We all have different tastes, I loved it and found Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi to be awful movies people clearly loved.  No issue with differing worldviews when it comes to art.