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captain carot said:

But the multilpayer was great, got tons of additions and micro transactions are totally optional. You don't need them at all if you don't play Warzone.

I loved the improved movement system and 60fps. - But that's where it stops for me.

I didn't like the lack of map variety, especially in Warzone.
Standard Halo-features like File Sharing, Split Screen, Forge, LAN, limited game modes (I.E. No oddball, infection, king of the hill, assault and so on.) were missing on release.
Sure they got added in later, but by the time they were added? I was bored of Halo 5 and moved on to other more content-rich games like Fallout 4.

As for Micro Transactions. - They add absolutely nothing to the game. Nothing at all.
Sure you don't "need" them, but if you were to play Warzone, those who have the best unlocks typically have a sizable advantage, that's not okay.
Micro-transactions are shit, plain and simple.

For me Halo 3 had the best System, weapons, power-ups and vehicles were strewn around the map, thus... There was strategic importance in getting to certain areas and trying to retain control of said areas. It added strategy to the gameplay, later iterations of Halo looses all of that.

captain carot said:

Graphicswise it's a 60fps game, though not the shiniest one. I really hope they don't go back to the 30fps of older Halos.

Many elements in the game do not operate at 60fps though, which makes it look extremely jarring.
For example... Spartans in the far distance will have their sprites updated at 10-15fps, many texture animations also update at 15fps.

I agree that having 60fps is a requirement going forward... I am a PC gamer, thus I have never enjoyed 30fps.

ResidentToxy said:

And most importantly... The fuck's a "bromosexual"? 

A quick google. Apparently it's two mates, one who is Homosexual and the other is Heterosexual.

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