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LiquorandGunFun said:

I find myself in the same boat, a majority of my games have been on x360 and i loved the original xbox. it just sucks, but i will not bend on this.
one main reason is where i live, its hurricane season, the generator doesnt make the internet work. might lose power tonight from the tropical storm, the grounds wet, trees will be falling allover the place, so if power did go out and say it was worse than anyone expected and it was days with no power and net which has happened, i would have a whole weekend with a game system i couldnt even play because it hasnt checked in. not to mention a full blown hurricane it could be weeks. this isnt everyones problem, i understand that. but its big enough for me not invest in something like that. plus the gamefly and used game thing is a complete turn off even more, and the kinect tax , i dont even want it, i dont use the one i have.

these are not fanboy reasons or trolling or anything like that, its a real life situation and it is not something that would be in my best interest in my opinion.

I didnt leave xbox, xbox left me.

Before Phil... this was me.

After Phil... I love the BC, games with gold, and I did buy an one, then a one x. But it did not happen until Phil got shit back on track. This is quite humbling to read so long after the fact, I guess for me they did a great job at doing things to get me back in the xbox system.