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Pemalite said:

Halo could still potentially do the same thing... But I will reserve judgement on that front until I have the games in my hot sweaty hands.
Halo 5 was pretty average and was probably the worst Halo title in the entire franchise.

It's campaign deviated from it's advertising, visuals were mediocre, story needed more love, multiplayer was bare bones, features missing, not enough maps, micro-transaction infested.

But Halo 6 could turn that around. I do hope so, I actually like the Halo franchise, I own every game on every platform it has ever released on.
But holy crap was Halo 5 a terrible game for a Halo game.

Ah, Halo 5. Bad campaign for Halo standards, especially the balancing if playing solo was terrible on legendary.

But the multilpayer was great, got tons of additions and micro transactions are totally optional. You don't need them at all if you don't play Warzone.

Graphicswise it's a 60fps game, though not the shiniest one. I really hope they don't go back to the 30fps of older Halos.