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slab_of_bacon said:


Forza is a great game which could flagship the Xbox... unfortunately Halo is in decay and constant Forza sequels ruin the Xbox experience for me.


Many argued that Call of Duty was in Decay. Call of Duty WW2 changed that sentiment almost overnight.

Halo could still potentially do the same thing... But I will reserve judgement on that front until I have the games in my hot sweaty hands.
Halo 5 was pretty average and was probably the worst Halo title in the entire franchise.

It's campaign deviated from it's advertising, visuals were mediocre, story needed more love, multiplayer was bare bones, features missing, not enough maps, micro-transaction infested.

But Halo 6 could turn that around. I do hope so, I actually like the Halo franchise, I own every game on every platform it has ever released on.
But holy crap was Halo 5 a terrible game for a Halo game.

jason1637 said:

I wouldn't call it a worse. I'd say the PS Vita and Wii U are probably worse consoles even though I love my Wii U. Also the XB1 has like 15-20 exclusives of the top of my head which is a pretty good amount to buy a console for imo.

The bulk of decent Xbox One exclusives are on PC. Meaning they aren't true exclusives.
And as a PC gamer... (And there are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of us!) have less of a reason to pick up a console.

The only reason I jumped on the Xbox One bandwagon was for Halo and Fable. Even if the games are average, they still tend to be enjoyable.

The Wii U was shit partly because of it's controller gimmick and underwhelming hardware capabilities.
The Vita just didn't seem to gain any traction what-so-ever, don't think I have ever seen one on sale or advertised here actually.

TranceformerFX said:

The PS Vita isn't a console.

It's a handheld portable console. Ergo. A console.

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