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I first saw Thor: The Dark World in the theatre. I went in with pretty low expectations. I thought Thor had been slightly below average and was coming off my disappointment in Iron Man 3 in the wake of the excitement of The Avengers. I actually almost considered skipping it and seeing it when it was released on DVD later. But Agents of SHIELD plugged a tie-in episode, so I caved and went to go see it. Perhaps it was those low expectations that helped, because I remember enjoying it. It was not as stiff as the first film. All the characters had a more relaxed, and natural feel to them. Hiddleston continued to shine in the post-Avengers portrayal and he really steals the show in the second half. I was surprised to see a lot of negative comments in earlier posts. I rewatched this film at least once in the run-up to Avengers: Age of Ultron and it didn’t really change my perspective. We’ll see now. See you on the other side!