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zorg1000 said:
DélioPT said:

For 2 reasons.
First, Switch is not presented, marketed, sold/priced and even perceived as a home console - with a portability aspect to it; It's games are home consoles games (both 1st and 3rd party exclusives).
Second, Nintendo's handhelds never really had competition. The only exception to this was the DS, but DS went for a new market, which greatly impacted sales.

Actually, the data showed was collected from an online survey provided by Nintendo during the month of October (almost 8 months after it came out).
You can check it here (page 9): https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2017/171031_2e.pdf

 "If Switch is selling to the same group of people that own PS4/XBO than it means they are buying it because it offers something that PS4/XBO dont"
  Not going to argue with this. 
Nintendo has a grasp on this market like it hasn't had for years - even decades -, so, why not try and convince them that Switch can be a good alternative to PS and XB?
It doesn't have power, but it has portability and great iterations of some of it's best IPs.
As people say, Nintendo needs to strike while the iron is hot.

Yes, it is currently marketed & priced as a home console but Kimishima has stated they want to position Switch as 1 per person device rather than a 1 per household device. In other words, like a handheld. Future revisions and price cuts will make it more appealing to handheld gamers.

As for software, its 3rd party lineup primarily consists of  small-medium sized indie games, Japanese games, kid/family games and late ports/remasters. Thats the typical support of a handheld.

1st/2nd party releases so far have been more console oriented but that comes from the fact that they ended support of Wii U early and porting some Wii U titles over while 3DS still had decent support from Nintendo in 2017.

1st/2nd party studios like Game Freak, Intelligent Systems,  HAL Labs, Arzest, Alpha Dream, NST, Camelot, Grezzo, ND Cube, Syn Sophia, Good-Feel, Ambrella, Next Level Games, Creatures released games for 3DS in 2016/2017 so 2018/2019/2020 will see more handheld style games release.


I have no idea what their handhelds not having competition has to do with anything.


Yes, you are correct, i forgot they showed the age breakdown again in Oct but i still stand by what i said, people who buy tech/gadgets early on are typically going to be teens/young adults. This is the age group of people who typically dont have a lot of financial responsibilities thus have more disposable income to spend hundreds of dollars on a hobby. Im interested in seeing the breakdown after the holidays when kids/families get them as presents.

Other than that we see with Labo that they are going to push hard to get the kid/family audience on Switch.



I dont know what you are suggesting with your last paragraph. Your whole argument up to this point has been about getting AAA multiplats which you said wouldnt be possible, now you are talking about its portability and exclusive IP being reasons for PS/XB owners to get one. It seemsblike you flip flopped.

More per household is probably due to it not needing a TV to be played with. Not because it's seen as a portable.
I can see a 149-180$ as a good price for handheld users, but seeing as it is 300-329 and it's selling this well, i only see that happening in a few years.
I don't know what revisions you are imagining, but anything that makes it onesided (either portable or home console) will only make it seem like the inferior version.

Indies and kid/family games are common in both portable and home consoles alike.
Japanese games are pretty much of console games. Actually, i think the only two handheld i've seen coming to Switch are that SE game that was announced recently and the other is a port of a GBA game. Don't recall the game.

The real 3DS support didn't end a lot after Wii U's, anyway. And with the unifying od the development teams we should have seen more handheld games and we didn't and aren't.
Nintendo will most certainly release some handheld IPs, but seeing as it is pushing Switch as mainly a home console, i'm pretty sure the majority of it's titles will be home console oriented. Specially if 3rd party home console titles keep coming and really start being sucessful.

That 2nd party/affiliates argument is something that can't really be proven or disproven right now. We'll have to wait and see.
And just by looking at some of those names, i'm already remembered of franchises that are also on home consoles or started as such: Mario Party, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion.

I can see the holidays shaking the userbase's age up, but i don't see it as a sign of an actual change.
That sample shows that during the non-holiday period it's not kids who are buying it. And not just buying, but actually owning it. 
Honestly, with that in mind, and seeing Switch's release schedule, i don't foresee a change in user demographics anytime soon. 

Yeah, Labo is probably the thing that can't add a lot of kids to it's userbase.


I naver said it wouldn't be possible for Switch to be a success without 3rd parties. I said it could suffer IF the gap increases, which could lead to lack of support when PS5 and XB2 arrive. It's not the same thing.
What i'm saying is that, for the time being, everything is working in Nintendo's favour (portability, 1st party games and userbase). Therefore, the best course of action should be leveraging those strengths to expand it's userbase.

So the best thing Nintendo could do is take advantage of that while it can.