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Errorist76 said:
potato_hamster said:

No hate at all. I gave PSVR a fair shot and spent an entire weekend with a unit that I had a chance to buy for $200, and decided to give it a pass. I'll give the next version of PSVR a fair shot too. I have no intention of giving up on it. But let's be realistic here. People have been pushing VR for a long, long time.

It's just after 3 decades of hearing "VR technology is just in it's infancy! Wait till X technology or Y technology hits VR, then it'll take off" you start to consider the real possibility that it's never going to take off like people imagine.

How should anyone care for your opinion if you honestly keep on making those ridiculous comparisons and keep stating, that anything before today’s generations of user headsets, was to be taken seriously?!  😑 

No one, except you maybe, did that during the past decades. It’s a totally different ball game these days when blockbusters get ported to VR and people can and do actually buy those headsets.

What comparisons have I made that are ridiculous? You do realize that everything before today's generations of user headsets demanded to be taken just as seriously as today's headsets do, and people have been advocating that the "VR experience" is "revolutionary" and "mind blowing" for decades now, right?

By blockbusters, do you mean games like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake? Because I played them both in VR in the 90's. Seriously. Take some time and go back and look into the VR technologies that were developed during the 90's and how they're not nearly as different from today's VR than you think they are.  Almost all of the problems that prevented VR from catching on in the 90's and 00's still exist in VR technology today.

Look. It's not my fault I was around for what have been multiple waves of VR popularity and have heard the same tired things said about every wave. I remember the Lawnmower man. I remember reading video game magazines about the VR headset SEGA developed for the Genesis that never came out despite full games being made specifically for it. I remember trying the VFX1 at an internet cafe for a couple of hours. I get you want to act like this wave of popularity is finally the one that breaks into mainstream because obviously this one is the revolutionary one, but pretty much every single thing I've ever seen written hying VR in the past couple years was written almost word for word in the 90s with the exact same level of sincerity. So please, excuse my hesitance to buy into the hype this time around after seeing VR come and go plenty of times before.