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AlfredoTurkey said:
NATO said:

That's a really backwards way of thinking.

Fair enough. But until a VR experience is compelling enough, I won't be interested. Right now it feels novel to me. The games with the most critical acclaim are not VR. The games that are moving the industry (BOTW,Horizon, SMO) are not VR. It's a parlor trick, not something critical to gaming. There is no OOT happening in VR... it's again... novel. It's a novelty. Something that has potential but is still in proof of concept. When that concept is realized, I'll give it a go. Until then, I'll wait. 

Two award winning games are fully playable in VR. Both are many steps up from their 2D versions.


derpysquirtle64 said:

4K obviously. VR is not that great in terms of quality right now. Though it has a potential to become a way better thing than 4K if the quality improves.

That totally depends on your perspective. If I’d have to chose between Skyrim or RE7 in VR or 4K (played all of them) I’d chose the low res non HDR VR version any day of the week.

the sense of scale and added immersion is a total game changer to me. A few added pixels are not.


John2290 said:
Kerotan said:

Would tue human eye notice any difference between 4k and 8k in VR? 

Apparently the Pinmax still has screen door effect so i would assume so. 8k should solve the problem, that being 8k per eye that is.

8K per eye is approximately the eye’s resolution. That said screen tech plays a huge role here. Pimax uses not very sophisticated LCD screens. Even 1 4K RGB screen for both eyes could almost eliminate the screen door effect if they’d use an RGB Matrix Screen like the PSVR uses.