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potato_hamster said:
John2290 said:

You really hate VR don't you. Still jaded from the 90's? Time to let it go man, at least give it one more try.

No hate at all. I gave PSVR a fair shot and spent an entire weekend with a unit that I had a chance to buy for $200, and decided to give it a pass. I'll give the next version of PSVR a fair shot too. I have no intention of giving up on it. But let's be realistic here. People have been pushing VR for a long, long time.

It's just after 3 decades of hearing "VR technology is just in it's infancy! Wait till X technology or Y technology hits VR, then it'll take off" you start to consider the real possibility that it's never going to take off like people imagine.

How should anyone care for your opinion if you honestly keep on making those ridiculous comparisons and keep stating, that anything before today’s generations of user headsets, was to be taken seriously?!  😑 

No one, except you maybe, did that during the past decades. It’s a totally different ball game these days when blockbusters get ported to VR and people can and do actually buy those headsets.