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Teeqoz said:
Teeqoz said:
I remember this thread. If I remember right I think I voted for a virtual tie, or perhaps a Sony win by 1-2 million.

In hindsight, a virtual tie still seems pretty likely, or perhaps a Nintendo win by 1-2 million. What surprises me the most though is the 3DS. How Nintendo managed to ship 1.9 million of the 3DS in this quarter baffles me. Do that many people still want the 3DS?

The 3DS shipments still baffle me. The moderate decline in hardware sales hasn't sustained an equally moderate decline in software sales. Are people just grabbing 2DS XLs for cheap and then buy two-three games?

Did they clarify anywhere which models were selling? The New 2DS XL is fairly inexpensive and otherwise pretty cool... I know they've said it's still being purchased for young kids (it's certainly durable enough to warrant that), so maybe that 2DS version that's extremely cheap is also still selling?

Really, though, it just seems like there's a huge spike in hardware sales every time there's a new Pokemon game (even if it's barely "new"). There's not much reason for Nintendo to abandon the platform, so it will probably be around longer than most assumed.