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I'm on my NG+ now, Deathmarch run for the platinum...and doing every single sidequest and POI on the map that I've already done the previous playthrough.

I love little bits of follow up quests that just take a few minutes but complete a bit of the story in a way that I do not expect. I tell some peasant to start burning bodies taken by the plague or he'll get sick and later on run into him in some remote part of the world, sick of the plague because he didn't listen to me.
I heal some girl by giving her a risky potion of mine, and her boyfriend tells me later on that she's alive but vegetative, which is an awesome way of building a persistent, believable world.
I find an old couple somewhere in the woods and they're perfectly well and happy, thriving. I explore their home and discover they're cannibals preying on the lost and weary.

It's all so engrossing and absorbing.

I got bored of Skyrim in the first ten hours and I gave that game so many chances. I played it on the PS3, played it on PC, modded it, retried it on the PS4. It feels as if I need to dig out my fun from the Elder Scrolls games, piece by piece. Same for Fallout 4, even if I did enjoy Fallout 3 previously.
I got bored with Dragon Age: Inquisition in just a few hours, even if I did enjoy Origins in the past.

The Witcher 3 is the first Witcher game that I've fully enjoyed of the series, and the first RPG that I feel so engrossed in since Gothic 2.

There's, of course, no accounting for taste in this. Yours is just...bad, I guess.

(The above is a joke, of course).