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halil23 said:
Look like this guy convince me not to buy W3, so I'll just get Horizon Zero Dawn CE and Zelda.
Good plan guys?

Both great games as well. You shoudn't let other talk you out of The Witcher 3, it and its expansions are among my top 3 games ever only rivalled by TLOU and RDR.

Just saying.



Megiddo said: 
I'm amused to see so many people not realizing that you can't just spam a bunch of buttons and expect Geralt to do them all. Combat has animations for each swing/maneuver and each animation must be completed before you can start the next. That's why there is "lag". The combat actually requires you to use some level of timing to chain swings/dodges.

Thank you so much, this is so true. People who played TW1 will understand. Witcher combat was always like that. It somehow seems as if most people complaining didn't even finish the tutorial in TW3.