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m0ney said:

My experience with this series:

- The Witcher 1 I saw as a solid 8/10 game, actually played it twice.

- The Witcher 2 I was excited to play but it was a big wtf from the very beginning - they went for Hollywood style, I thought it looked really stupid, but the biggest drawback was the chaotic combat, and the messy inventory. I played maybe one hour.

- The Witcher 3 there was something in those first dialogue cutscenes that made them so boring, I can't explain it but I was immediately turned off. Played maybe 15 min after that intro.

I agree about TW2, I loved TW1 more than that...But TW3 is by far the best game and one of my top 3 ever games and RPGs. You definitely won't get a picture of the scope of the game until you finished the first 3-5 hours or so. Give it a chance, and play it on hard or better deathmarch difficulty.

It's so much better than TW2 that it's kind of unbelieveable how they could do that in such a short amount of time.