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So guys, 6 months trying to enjoy any of the 40 hours I have to quit. 

I can´t take anymore how dull and unfocused this game is, with pointless side quests that lead to nowhere. NO NO NO. 

I even decided to do something I never do with RPG and follow only the main quest... but NO... the main quest is even more boring and confusing. 

I could get away with the bad dialogue, bad camera work, bad facial animation, bad physics, or a skill tree that makes no sense.  But I can´t stand how confusing the world is, how forgettable and pointless the characters are, how long and derivates the quests are, how useless are your decisions.

I´m tired of the same old dirty peasants with dirtier mouths cursing and explaining how miserable their lives are. No shit, there is a nest of lvl 15 monsters 20 yards from your hose!!

Oh, the combat!!! The combat is atrocious. I don´t know if they tried to copy Dark Souls or Assassins Creed. In both cases, it doesn´t work. I don´t want to read a lengthy bad written passage in the codex and then spent 10 minutes crafting potions and spells... that won´t work because controls are terrible.

I´m tired of trying to engage a quest but repeatedly fail because the bandits - that look exactly like the dozens I have killed - are level 10 and I am level 5. Then I go back months later, and the house is still on fire with the Elf lade inside.

I´m tired of the same actors doing the same voices.

I´m tired of camera cutting to strange angles during a conversation. 

Dialogues: Everybody is miserable in this world. Everybody has a sailor´s mouth. Everybody is at war with everybody. Every race is being oppressed...

All that exposition and I can´t figure out the basic of lore and how this society functions.  I got bored reading the Wiki page, which gives no useful information about a world that looks like an abortion from a cross between LotR and GotT.  

Well... that is it. I hope to open a conversation. If someone could help me cope with this tragedy that is hunting me for half a year.